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  • Cub Lair and Chalet
    Cub Lair
    One of our biggest accommodation buildings.

    Sleeps 44, large main room doubles as dormitory for 28 with bunk beds that can be stowed for optimum space. Two further bedrooms with bunks for 6 & 8 respectively. The building has a night toilet situated in the dormitory ideal for younger members.

    The split level, “The Undercroft”, has a large dining room and fully equipped industrial kitchen. The building has use of a free standing chalet suitable for 6 sleeping.

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  • RCTC
    One of our biggest accommodation buildings.

    The two storey building sleeps 44, large dormitory for 28, and three smaller bedrooms sleeping 6, 2 and 8. The building has a night toilet situated in the dormitory ideal for younger members.

    A large, fully equipped industrial kitchen adjoins the group room that doubles as a dining room.
    The building also has a purpose build Shower Block with excellent disabled

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  • Fox Glen
    Fox Glen
    The fox glen is an ideal base for large events, the industrial kitchen can be used to catering easily for up to 250 people.

    The large room is suitable for wet weather use and is excellent for craft and indoor activities as well.

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  • Copeland Cabin
    Copeland Cabin
    A beautiful split level building is an ideal base for a smaller group for a camping event. There is a wood burning stove in the group room.

    The building has a small kitchen with hot and cold water, although no equipment for catering, a fridge and a microwave are also in situe. The building has bunks for 8, and a small dining room.

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  • Outpost
    The Outpost is an ideal base for a group camping weekend or an indoor base for a small group.The outpost has a small kitchenette, with a fridge and microwave, although without equipment and three bedrooms sleeping 2, 2, and 3. The outpost also has indoor toilets.The building also has a large open side shelter ideal for wet weather shelter and catering without the need for additional canvas meaning lighter weight camping.

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  • Rover Den
    Rover Den
    Two storey self-contained building with small dormitory for 12 and a bedroom for 2. The fully equipped kitchen and adjoining dining room can be easily used to cater for the occupants of the building.

    The building is adjacent to a large open space which could provide a group with a detached woodland camping experience.

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  • Dale Shelter
    Dale ShelterThe Dale Shelter is a small building best suited to offer wet weather contingency for smaller group events.

    The building has a small dormitory for 10, and a large open side for shelter and is useful for providing cooking shelter meaning lighter weight camping.

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