Adventure Cub & Beaver Days

Every day with us is different – we never have a chance to do more than a tiny fraction of what we want to – even over a whole week! Between fire making, shelter building, mud sculptures, making dams, whittling, making whistles and crowns,making mini towns, giving the trees faces, making Viking knitting machines or puppets, finding stick men, playing stealth games, learning how to make rope bridges, making and tackling assault courses, making bread or cakes on the fire, mini beast hunts, scent tracking, magic listening stones, ground pictures, story chains, drum and music games, being explorers and much more……. We couldn’t do it all in a month, never mind a day!
. For Beavers & Cubs  Fun days give children the chance to play, learn, get muddy and just be kids in a safe, nurturing but wild environment.

Inspire youngsters about wildlife, Making new friends ,Just for one day or a week it’s up to you , group size per day 12 only , book early to avoid disappointment

Starts 1st Jan to 31st October 2017-18 please email for a booking form