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Equipment Prices

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Charge for
Charge period
Lawn Darts £5.00 + vat per half day (prior booking required)
Chess Free Of Charge
Football Nets Free Of Charge
Volley Ball Nets Free Of Charge
Disc Golf £10.00 + vat per half day (prior booking required)
Guided tours of Mosty Lea Mill Donation to The Friends Of Mosty Lea Mill
Chairs £0.20 + vat per chair, per stay
Laundry Room Available
Overnight Safe Free of Charge
Quiz Sheets £2.00 + vat per pack of 10 includes pencils
Electronic Equipment Charging (mobile, DVD, Ipod, Camera) £0.50 + vat per equipment per charge (available in The Trading Post)

Non Voluntary Organisations may require licensed activity providers and should refer to Adventurous Activity Licensing Authority (AALA) before bookings.