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Youth Prices 2011 & 2012

All fees are charged per 24 hours or part thereof unless otherwise stated.
Bookings are confirmed by payment of a non-refundable deposit.

If this is not paid, eight weeks before the event, bookings may be canceled.


Deposits are 24 hours building/s fee or £20 per camping pitch.
All evening visits and evening tent pitching will be charged per hour, as detailed below.

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Camp fees per person £6.20 + vat  
Caravan £24.50 + vat plus camp fees
Copeland Cabin £60.00 + vat plus camp fees and electricity
Dale Shelter £50.00 + vat plus camp fees
Outpost £60.00 + vat plus camp fees and electricity
Fox Glen £123.00+  vat plus camp fees and electricity and gas
Cub Lair & Chalet £250.00 + vat camp fees (for 45) included, exc. electricity and gas
RCTC £250.00 + vat camp fees (for 46) included, exc. electricity and gas
Day Visit £3.00 + vat  
Evening Visit after 6pm £1.50 + vat  
Evening Visit Admin £7.00 + vat per hour
Evening Prepitching £7.00 +vat per hour
These services are liable to increases or decreases, along with suppliers charges.
Please use the following as a guide price, but please be aware of possible variations.
Gas per cubic meter £4.52 + vat  
Electricity per unit £0.23 + vat