Raising funds to support Kibblestone

There are many ways to help us raise funds to support Kibblestone
Donating useful materials

Provides facilities to thousands of young people, from a wide range of backgrounds, every year and offer a place for adventure, an opportunity to make new friends and an experience they are unlikely to have elsewhere. We provide young people with life skills such as confidence, sociability and adaptability.
By supporting Kibblestone (either by fundraising, donating or volunteering) you help us continue to play the vital part we do in the community and improve the facilities we can provide.

We can use:
 Good clean timber, sheet material (ply, chip or hardboard)
 Bricks, paving slabs, unused building materials, fence panels in re-useable condition, crushed hardcore
 Tools
 Trees and bushes
 Clean pallet wood or logs (Note: we are unable to accept any treated wood of any kind including fence panels and old sheds)
 catering equipment or camping equipment
 Goods suitable as prizes for raffles

Sponsor a building or project
If you are able to make a sizeable sponsorship of a building or a facility it is possible for the facility to be re-named for a period to reflect your sponsorship

Organising a fundraising event
To help with one of the above projects or talk to us about our current smaller projects.

Leaving a legacy
Please contact us to discuss this option.

Make a donation
Either a general donation or to one of our current major projects: