Frequently Asked Questions

Do you allow dogs on site?

Dogs are not permitted on site unless they are assistance dogs.

Please let us know in advance of your visit if your party will have an assistance dog at any time during your stay.

Can I bring my family to camp?

No, we are not open for public camping.

How can my child join Scouts/Guides?

Information on joining Scouts is available at www.scouts.org.uk/groups and Guides is available at www.girlguiding.org.uk/information-for-parents/register-your-daughter.

Follow the instructions to find your local group

How do I make a booking?

Booking enquires can be made either by email to manager@kibblestone.org or online.  Once availability is established we will send you a booking link.   The booking will not be valid until we receive your booking form. You will be sent a confirmation email once this is booked on the system and asked for a deposit.

When is our Deposit due?

Your deposit is due within 14 days of receiving confirmation of your booking.   If your deposit is not received in 14 days your booking will be cancelled without notice.

How do I pay my Deposit?

Deposits can be paid by bank transfer (details are available at the bottom of invoices), by cheque made payable to Kibblestone District Scout Council or by cash or card.

When do I need to pay my final invoice?

Your final invoice must be paid either before the visit or onsite before checking in, unless otherwise agreed with the Estate Manager.

Can non scout and guide groups come to the site?

Yes, Non scouting/guiding organisations are welcome, booking enquires can be made either by email to manager@kibblestone.org or online. Once availability is established we will send you a booking link.   The booking will not be valid until we receive your booking form. You will be sent a confirmation email once this is booked on the system and asked for a deposit. We will also then ask for copies of your liability insurance, safe guarding policies and risk assessments.

How do I book Activities?

Once you have paid your deposit email your wish list of activities to manager@kibblestone.org.

Can we do our own Activities and bring external activity providers onsite?

Yes there is absolutely no problem with you running your own activities.   We will need a copy of your risk assessments and we also ask that you make sure you take away any leftover resources.

We also allow external activity providers (bouncy castles, etc).  Just let us know what you would like to organise.  The providers will need to do a site visit to ensure suitability and we will need a copy of their risk assessments and insurance paperwork.

Is there security onsite?

There is CCTV around the Reception area and clearly marked boundary fence around the rest of the site.

What time is Reception open?

Reception is open:

Monday – Thursday   09:00-17:00

Friday                            09:00-20:00

Saturday /Sunday       09:00-17:00

There will be a member of Kibblestone staff onsite during these times when customers are onsite.  Kibblestone staff are here to help, if you have any queries please ask anyone in a purple Kibblestone top.

Do you have first aid equipment?

We do not provide first aid equipment for general customer use. It is the responsibility of each group to make ensure they have the correct equipment with them for their stay. We do have first aid equipment available for use by Kibblestone Instructors in the event of an incident during Kibblestone-instructed activities.

What do I do if we have an accident or near-miss?

In addition to completing your own paperwork all accidents and near misses must be reported to Reception and Kibblestone Accident/near miss paperwork must be completed.

Are drones allowed on site?

No drones of any sort are allowed on site.  If you have a specific reason for using a drone, please contact the Estate Manager to request permission.

What is your policy on smoking and drinking?

Kibblestone District Scout Campsite supports the right to smoke free Scouting.  Whilst we understand people have the right to smoke, we recognise people have a choice. We also acknowledge that non-smokers have right and choices.  All buildings are smoke-free zones and people should be actively discouraged from smoking around young people.  Please see the Smoke-Free Scouting Guidance on www.scouts.org.uk for more information.

Anyone who is responsible for young people must refrain from consuming alcohol. Please see our terms and conditions and Scouting and Alcohol in the Safeguarding section of guidance on www.scouts.org.uk for more information.

What time is quiet time?

We ask that quiet time is respected between 2230hrs and 0700hrs. This is for the respect of fellow campers as well as Kibblestone’s neighbours.  If you are planning to have a disco/party while onsite please let us know in advance so consideration can be given to location of pitch allocation.

How do I find Kibblestone District Scout Campsite?

Our “Contact Us” page has a map and directions.

What happens if we are arriving by coach?

Please let us know in advance if you are planning to travel to us by coach on your Guest Information form.  We will open the coach entrance gateway ready for your arrival.  To ensure your arrival goes smoothly, please familiarise yourself with our ‘How to Find Us’ guide and ensure this is passed onto your driver.

What happens upon arrival at Kibblestone District Scout Campsite?

Upon arrival please report to Reception.  If you have booked a building you will then be taken to the building to be checked in.  If you are camping you will be directed to your camping pitch.

If you have any issues with your campsite or building when you arrive, please notify our Estate Manager immediately so that we are able to address the matter.

What is the earliest I can check in?

The earliest check in for buildings is 17:00 on the day of arrival.

The earliest check in for camping is 17:00 on the day of arrival unless otherwise arranged separately with the Estate Manager.

Is there parking on site?

The car park is available for campsite users only and holds up to 200 cars.

Can I park next to my camping pitch?

Vehicles are not permitted on the camping fields.  You are welcome to drive your vehicle round the one-way system to near where you are camping to unload and then all vehicles must be returned to the main car park.  This is to ensure clear passage for emergency vehicles.

Are the buildings heated?

Yes, all buildings have heaters.  You will be given instructions on how to use these on arrival.

Is there Wi-Fi?

Free Wi-Fi is available in all campsite buildings, subject to agreement to our terms of usage.

Are we allowed to have open fires on site?

Open fires must only be started within established campfire circles or altar fires.  There is a fire circle on the main camping side, and also one each at the RCTC and Cub Lair.  It it not possible to book access, and we ask that anyone planning to use the fire circle considers inviting other groups to their campfire.  Alternatively, there are altar fires available to hire.  We do not have a wood pile, you may bring your own wood but please ensure you take any leftover wood away with you.  You are welcome to burn tree debris found on the floor but you must not damage trees or Kibblestone property.  All ash must be dampened down and then disposed of on the ash pile located on the main car park next to the red bins.  When chopping wood it is the responsibility of the group leader that this is done in accordance with POR – the chopping area must be roped off and appropriate footwear must be worn.

Is the water at Kibblestone District Scout Campsite suitable for drinking?

Yes. Please encourage your group to respect the area around the taps and to not waste water.

What should we do with waste?

All rubbish should be taken to the bins located on the main car park.

Is bedding provided in the buildings?

We do not supply bedding, you need to bring your own sleeping bag and pillow. We do have a limited amount of bedding available to hire.

price lists

when booking buildings or camping a year before your arrival date, the year of that price list applies [not the year of booking price list].

Do I need to bring my own cleaning equipment?

The toilets are cleaned daily by Kibblestone staff.  You will need to bring your own washing up liquid whether camping or in a building and your own surface wipes for the kitchen.

Is there somewhere to charge mobile phones whilst onsite?

There is no facility for campers who have not hired a building.

Where are the nearest supermarkets and food shops and can I get a delivery?

The nearest shops are in Stone Town Centre, with a Morrisons Supermarket and numerous other shops.

All major supermarkets deliver here, you must make sure they have a contact number and arrange to meet them at Reception to direct them to your site.  Kibblestone staff cannot take responsibility for any deliveries.

We do have a site shop that sells Kibblestone souvenirs, hot and cold drinks, snacks and confectionary. To arrange opening times please contact the Estate Manager via email manager@kibblestone.org.

Do you have laundry facilities?

There is a launderette just outside Stone called ‘The Washtub’ 68 Pirehill Lane, Stone, ST15 0JN.

We do have a washing machine onsite for emergency use, however this is not a commercial machine.

Do you offer a catering service?

Yes, please enquire via email to manager@kibblestone.org

We have a person attending with additional needs. What suitable facilities do you have?

Accessible wetrooms and toilets are available.  Site visits for familiarisation for suitability are available on request – please contact us by email to discuss and for a PEEPs document to be completed.  Assistance dogs are welcome on site.

What do I do if I see someone damaging Kibblestone property?

If you see someone damaging Kibblestone property report this to Kibblestone staff immediately.

What do we do when we are ready to depart?

Please ensure that you have checked your site/building for litter, and rubbish has been taken to the bins. If you have brought your own activity resources with you, please make sure this is either taken away with you or disposed of appropriately in the red bins.

Please arrange with Reception a time for a member of staff to come and check you out of the building or camping pitch.

Do I need to be checked out from my camping pitch?

Yes please arrange a time with Reception for a member of staff to come and check you out of your camping pitch.

What do I do if I need to cancel or make changes to my booking?

All changes or cancellations need to be via email to manager@kibblestone.org

How can I volunteer at Kibblestone?

We welcome volunteers at Kibblestone, if you wish to volunteer you would need to join our Active Support team. To do this please email the EstateManager on manager@kibblestone.org and he will send you the relevant paperwork to sign up.

How can I give a donation to Kibblestone?

There are a number of ways you can donate to Kibblestone, information can be found on our support page https://www.kibblestone.org/support/donate

Alternatively email the Estate manager on manager@kibblestone.org

How can I make a complaint?

If at any point you are unhappy during your stay please speak to the Estate Manager and he will try to resolve the issue quickly.  If you wish to make a complaint following your stay please send this to manager@kibblestone.org .

How can I give feedback?

We are always striving to improve at Kibblestone and therefore welcome feedback.  We will email you a feedback questionnaire following your stay which can then be returned to manager@kibblestone.org .