We have a very diverse team of volunteers, without whom Kibblestone would not be able to offer the wonderful experiences that it does to so many young people from all over the world.

To meet our mission of providing adventure and challenge to young people we rely on volunteers bringing their skills and energy to the team.

Through the fun and friendship of the team and the knowledge you are making a difference to young lives, volunteering is both rewarding and good for your wellbeing. So why not come and join us?

There is no single profile for the sort of volunteers on the team. Whatever is your “thing” I am sure we can find an outlet for it at Kibblestone. Sleeves rolled-up or a keyboard warrior. Using old talents or learning new skills. Weekends, weekdays, evenings or on our special volunteer days – anything you can offer will make a difference.

Here are some of the things we need:

Activities – from climbing to pond dipping, sports to crafts; volunteers ensure we deliver activities for young people that are fun, engaging, adventurous and safe. Whether you have skills already or would like to train in something new, pass your enthusiasm on to young people

Maintenance – a bit of painting or hammering? Whether you are a master builder or just handy with a pair of secateurs, we have buildings and grounds a-plenty to keep smart, operational and safe

Shop – it’s strange to think of a shop as a learning opportunity. But young people come to Kibblestone with a little pocket money and start to learn about making choices and decisions. And friendly staff to serve and help them make a difference

Catering – nothing beats the eager anticipation of young people wanting some dinner! We provide the option for our groups to have catering provided with simple menus and lots of nourishment keeping young bodies fit for adventure. No catering experience needed and essential training provided. (Cooking is in a well-equipped kitchen – not on a campfire – unless you want …)

Site Operations – not always the most glamorous job but usually the most fun. Cleaning, tidying, preparing for the next inbound group of excited kids. Sleeves rolled up and whistle while you work!

Conservation – it’s not just about today. We want to keep providing for young people of the future. Sharing what we have with young minds. Caring for what we have. Planning for tomorrow.

Mill – Yes, we have our own historic building! Loaded with industrial heritage and a key part of the story of the potteries. We need knowledge, enthusiasm, skills and interest to help preserve it and showcase it.

Sustainability – top of the list for young people today is to ensure we have a sustainable planet to support future generations. Become part of our drive for sustainability, driving the way we work, the way we

Archive – with our Centenary approaching we need to re-connect with the thousands of people who have adventured at Kibblestone through the decades. Help unlock our collection of memories and share them so people can enjoy their recollections of Kibblestone past and want to become part of Kibblestone future

Marketing – to survive as a charity we need the skills to attract people to use what we have to offer. We need to broaden our marketing skills – through research, product management, communications and customer management

Digital Media – engaging with young people, volunteers, sponsors, well-wishers, we need to grow our virtual presence and deliver content that keeps people aware and interested

Grants and Funding – we have no shareholders to turn to when we need investment. To develop and thrive we need to attract funding. An awareness of sources of funding, presenting our needs as attractive programmes and writing bids

Schools and Education – one market that is vital to our long-term plans is schools. Our facilities have so much to offer young people. Better understanding how we can present ourselves and finding the route to market will both help us to grow and strengthen the delivery of our purpose


Whatever you like doing or would like to try, there is an opportunity for you to do it at Kibblestone.

For fun, for satisfaction, for wellbeing, do yourself a favour and volunteer today.